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Presentación general

Las actividades del Centro de Escritura Electrónico de la Facultad de Lenguas tendrán los siguientes objetivos:

Objetivos Generales

- Brindar asistencia a los estudiantes de la casa en el área de la comunicación escrita por medio del envío de retroalimentación sobre sus textos
- Guiar a los estudiantes en la reformulación y edición de sus propios trabajos escritos
- Ofrecer guías y recursos relacionados con convenciones tales como puntuación, reglas gramaticales, y estilos de citas

Objetivos Relacionados con Investigación

- Detectar desventajas y beneficios relacionados con los comentarios brindados por los consultores del centro de escritura y los usuarios que envían sus textos. (Trabajo basado en la opinión de los escritores)

- Evaluar desventajas y beneficios relacionados con los comentarios brindados por los consultores del centro de escritura y el texto enviado por los usuarios con su correspondiente reformulación. (Trabajo basado en la comparación del discurso escrito original y el discurso escrito modificado).

- Sobre la base de los datos obtenidos, evaluar la posibilidad de la creación de otros centros de escritura similares a éste en otras universidades de nuestro país.

La coordinación de las actividades de este centro estará a cargo de la Dra. Liliana Anglada, quien trabajará con la colaboración de otros docentes de la casa.  Al comienzo, las actividades de asistencia y guía de alumnos estarán restringidas a grupos de alumnos pertenecientes a algunas cátedras.  En otras palabras, el centro no estará abierto a toda la población estudiantil ya que no cuenta por el momento con ayuda económica de ningún tipo. 


What is an on-line writing center?

An on-line writing center is a space that functions within an educational institution and is meant to help writers become better writers. Its ultimate aim is to help student writers become independent or autonomous writers.  The writing center puts the responsibility for the text on the client, i.e. the student writer who submits the written work.  It is the student who must explain what he or she wants, what his/her major concerns are, and it is also the student writer who must guide the work of the writing center consultants.  In other words, the writing center does not “re-write” the text or simply proofread it; it does not tell the student writer how to “fix it” either.  Its pedagogy is based on the premise that a writing center should act as a sort of sounding board for students’ ideas, a dialogic instrument, and a place where students can seek and find guidance for their works in progress.

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What does this on-line writing center offer?

This on-line writing center offers assistance during the revision process of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners writing in English. The writing specialists working at the on-line writing center are called “writing consultants.”  They provide feedback on EFL students’ written work during the revision stage.  They act as coaches, guides and informed readers, especially because they provide suggestions and advice without providing a grade, as is the case with writing instructors or language and grammar teachers.  Their main aim is to emphasize revision strategies rather than editing strategies. In other words, writing consultants try to help student writers with global or rhetorical aspects of the essay they are working on (i.e., with the logical development of a thesis and the organization of ideas) rather than with the formal aspects of writing (i.e., linguistic accuracy, sentence structure and mechanics).  Grammar is important, but writing consultants believe that student writers should deal with grammar problems during the final stage of writing, the editing stage.

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Who can send their work- in-progress to this on-line writing center?

All students registered in either of the two morning groups (“comisiones A & B”) of the Grammar II course for the 2008 academic year can send their work-in-progress to the on-line writing center.  We are not opening the center for the whole student population at the Faculty of Languages because we are offering this service on a trial basis.  Besides, our work is conducted on a voluntary basis.  We do not receive extra wages for this job..

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What must I do if I want to send a draft of the essay that I am working on to the writing center?

If you want to send a draft of the essay you are working on to the writing center, we will need you to follow these steps:

You should let us know what the assignment is all about.  In other words, we need to understand, as clearly as possible, what your teacher wanted you to do in this writing assignment.  Only if we have this information will we be able to help you, i.e. to provide some feedback on your written work.  There will be a space for this on the form you will have to fill in when you submit your written work.

2.You should also make sure to indicate the aspect(s) of your draft that you consider weak or that need improvement.  Besides showing us that you have some control over your own writing, this information will help us focus on some specific points when we read your draft. 

3.You must also indicate your full name and e-mail address in the form you will have to fill in because we might need to contact you after you have submitted your work.

4.Make sure you submit your rough draft to the on-line writing center a week before you have to turn in your assignment to your teacher.  The writing center consultants will return your draft with suggestions within 72 hours (three days).  That will give you some time to incorporate changes or reformulate your draft before the due date.  When we talk about “days,” we mean “working days.”  We exclude week-ends or holidays from the count.

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What should I do after I have received some feedback on my draft?

1.Once you have rewritten your essay (following our suggestions or not) and the new version is ready to be turned in to your language instructor, we would like you to submit it again.  In other words, we would like to have a copy of the re-written essay that you will be submitting to your teacher. We want to keep it for our records because we might want to compare it with your earlier version, determine whether our suggestions were of any use to you and use it for research purposes.

2.Finally, we would like you to give us YOUR feedback on our advice and suggestions for improvement, so we will ask you to fill out a survey.  It should not take you more than 15 minutes to fill it out and we will really appreciate it.  The survey is available at…

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