Office of Graduate Studies

General information

1- Training of those who plan to continue their academic or professional development in the fourth level of the education system.

2- Production of original knowledge derived from research.

3- Professional/academic development of active workers.

Secretary of Graduate Studies:  María Elisa Romano, Ph.D.

Clerk aide:  Ángela M. Castro, M.A.

Graduate Student Records Office aides:

Transl. Mario Barbareschi

 Gabriela Mondino, M.A.

Ms. Mariana Pinauda

Transl. Leina Serqueira

Administration Department aide: Acct. Gonzalo González Moreno

- Ph.D. Degree in Language Sciences

Director:  Liliana Anglada, Ph.D.

- Master’s Degree in Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Director:  Silvia Sosa, M.A.

- Master’s Degree in Translation Studies

Director:  María Laura Perassi, M.A.

- Master’s Degree in English Language

Director:  Florencia Giménez, M.A.

Co-director: Susana Liruso, M.A.

- Master's Degree in Comparative Literatures and Cultures

Director: Adriana Massa, Ph.D.

Co-director: Cristina Dalmagro, Ph.D.

- Master’s degree in Languages and Interculturality

Director: Miguel Koleff, Ph.D.

- Specializations in Translation

Director:  Marta Baduy, M.A.

Specialization in Interpreting

Coordinator:  Paula Garda, M.A.

Specialization in Business and Legal Translation

Coordinator:  Víctor Sajoza Juric, M.A.

Specialization in Scientific and Technical Translation

Coordinator:  María Laura Perassi, M.A.

- Specialization in Reading and Writing Processes and Practices


- Specialization in Foreign Language Didactics:

Director: Dolores Trebucq, M.A.

Coordinator: María Gimena San Martín, M.A.

Contact Information:

School of Languages - University Campus. 

Blvd. Enrique Barros s/n. 2nd floor.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (Tuesdays: closed).

9.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. 

Graduate Student Records Office: Tel (+54) 351 434-3214/15/16/17/18, ext. 158

Administration Department: Tel (+54) 351 434-3214/15/16/17/18, ext. 158

Office of Graduate Studies:

Graduate Student Records Office:

Administration Department: